Friday, August 20, 2010

Corn off the Cob

I get home and get thrown into all kinds of things I need to take care of.  I did however take some time yesterday afternoon to prepare some corn off the cob. Sweet Corn was 5 ears for a $1, which is about as cheap as it gets in SoCal.  Here's the prep work that I did.

I stripped the corn and got off all the little hairs (I hate when those get stuck in your teeth).  Then using a very sharp knife, I cut the kernals from the cob.  I went back over the cob and cut any remaining parts that were edible.  I did two cobs at a tiime, since it just me and DH at home. I tossed the kernals in boiling water and cooked for 2 minutes to blanche them.  I used two saucepans and drained the hot water into the other saucepan, to cook the next batch. After blanching, I strained the kernals and ran cold water over the corn to stop the cooking.  I vacuum sealed the kernals and put them in the freezer.  By doing it in this manner I knew I was getting exactly 2 cobs of corn.  I supposed I could have done it all at once, but this way, I didn't overcook the corn and sealed it immediately after the cold rinse.  Did any of that make sense?

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