Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girl's Overnight Out

My friends, the Double D's and I are going to San Diego for an overnighter.  D1 secured the reservation for the hotel, D2 is in charge of the food, and I get the entertainment.  I'm thinking a Segway tour, visit to the new Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center, a walk across a suspension bridge and an evening Ghost Tour.  I'm an excellent tour planner if I do say so myself. I planned a weekend in San Francisco for us (and we let our DH's come along) It was lots of fun and we were going, going, going.  San Francisco is my favorite American city.  Paris would have to be my fave international location.  I'll be driving so it will be easier to control the time schedule.

Another great trip I planned was to South Dakota with my sis and sis-in-law.  It was a four day fun fest hitting such locations as Mount Rushmore, of course, and all the other National Parks in the state.  We visited 2 caves and my s-i-l actually went in and enjoyed the tour.  We stopped in Wall to see the world's largest drugstore, the nuclear missile site, Deadwood, the center of the continental U.S. and even Devil's Tower in Wyoming.  I did all the planning and driving and everybody had a fantastic time.

The National Parks System has 391 units.  One of my goals is to visit each one and get a passport stamp.National Parks Passport Program

Unfortunately, I have visited many of the parks previously and did not know about the passport program at that time.  It just means I get to return and get the stamps while enjoying another visit. 

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