Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Don't worry about wasting the cucumber innards.  We have a worm composting bin.  A worm farm if you will.  We add scraps of food, minus meat and dairy to the bin.  We also shred our junk mail and paperwork that may have sensitive information on it.  The shredded paper make a great bed for the worms.  Just keep adding and the worms produce castings (worm poop) that are great for enriching the soil and helping to curb some insect infestations. There is also a spigot on the bottom to drain the worm 'tea'.  It makes a fantastic liquid fertilizer for the garden or house plants.  If you keep the balance right, our worm buddies will eat us out of scraps and junk mail. 

If that wasn't green enough for you, we also use compost bins, solar water heating, solar electric for most of our electricity and have a Prius. We also recycle cans, bottles and most recyclable items. And we did it all before it became fashionable.   Not bad for Orange County Republicans, huh?

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