Friday, May 6, 2011

Dehydrating Celery

This time I took more photos to show you the befores and afters.  I saw a great buy on celery this week at my fav mercado Latino.  They had celery on sale, .49 a bunch.   I bought 3 bunches. Since it's only DH and me at home now, we aren't going to go through that much celery that quickly. (However, I do have a tip-when storing celery in the fridge wrap it in aluminum foil.  It will last almost forever and stay crisp.)So dehydrator here I come.

As you can see the 2 bunches that filled 4 trays, dehydrated down to very little.  I let the dehydrator go overnight, probably 12 hours.  Since there is so much water in it, the volume was significantly decreased. Two bunches filled a pint sized jar.  I again used the jar attachment on my Foodsaver machine to suck out the remaining air and provide a vacuum for the lid.

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  1. Its amazing how many things you do to keep your food storage stocked...its admirable. Keep up the great work.