Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Incandescent Light Bulbs and Shopping Bags

So, it was DH's birthday the other day and of course that means finding the perfect gift for a man that needs nothing.  While shopping, I thought about buying a card and of course, a gift bag.  I was a Cost Plus Imports or  World Market or whatever they call themselves now, and found the card.  BTW, they have cute cards for not so much. Then I looked at the gift bags for $3+ and saw the shopping bag for $.99. Guess which one I bought.  Maybe you have thought of this before, but it was like an (incandescent) light bulb went off. Silly, but just thought I'd share.

I also made some ice cream today using this recipe. You make it with sweetened condensed milk made from powdered milk.  I didn't take any photos, so I may need to recreate it if it's good. I think I whipped the whipped cream too much also, it was a bit beyond stiff peaks.  It made it difficult to fold together smoothly.  I also added fresh cherries and mine came out purple, not the pleasant pink shade in Crystal's pic. I did sneak out to the freezer and tried a spoonful at the soft serve stage. Not bad.  I have two more pints of heavy cream in the freezer, so this might warrant more trial and error.