Monday, October 24, 2011

Try a Different Flavor or Two

I pulled this right off a forum I'm on. How about trying some of these flavors for your next jams or jellys.

Chocolate black cherry jam (great on dessert, ice cream)
Spiced Blueberry (I love mixing fruits/berries & adding spices)
Bacon-Bourbon jam (great on meat sandwiches)
Blueberry Wine jam (wonderful flavor, I used grape wine, couldn't find blueberry locally)
Spiced Peach & Spiced Pear (tastes like honey)
spiced peach & blueberry jam
Mango Jalapeno jam (hot, good with meat sandwiches)
Kahlua spiced peaches (not jam, but very tasty)
Banana split freezer jam (wonderful on ice cream, angel food cake, banana bread)
Tropical fruit freezer jam (pineapple, papayas, mangoes)
Pina Colada jam (very popular)
Spicy strawberry chipotle jam (strawberry with a little kick, very good)
Exotic Mango Banana jam (great on banana bread)
Jalapeno strawberry jam (slight bite to the strawberry taste, good)
spiced strawberry jam (not your store bought strawberry flavor)
Strawberry Balsamic black pepper jam (sounds strange, very good strawberry flavor)
Kiwi strawberry daiquiri jam (something special)
Strawberry Maple syrup jam (no sugar)
Spiced Blackberry jam (not the plain usual flavor)
Banana jam (great on banana bread or pancakes with banana slices)
Rose hip & Rhubarb jam (high vit C, healthy & good fiber)
Fall pumpkin jam (great on pumpkin bread or bars)
Red Hot Pepper Jam (for those who like it HOT, mix with cream cheese on crackers or on meat sandwiches)
Melon Mandarin jam (try with diff color melons)
Carrot Cake jam (nice topping on carrot cake or spice cake)
Sangria jelly (unique & good)
Wine Jelly (tried with grape wine, I don't know wines, use your favorite)
Mint apple jelly (I grew applemint, spearmint, peppermint, lime mint, ginger mint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint. This was a great one to try each flavor. I also use them for tea)
Chokecherry jelly & syrup is a favorite, I didn't get berries this year. Buffalo berry jelly is a 'man' flavor, not sweet. Do not add pectin you get rubber.
Rose Hip jelly (good when you have a cold, very high vit c)
Rose petal jelly (fun for a ladies tea, a nice rose petal suspended in the jelly, dark roses color best, sweet fragrance is sweet jelly)
Tomato juice jelly (good on toasted cheese sandwiches, meat sandwich)
Mexicalli Jelly (Jalepeno & hot peppers, very hot, nice on meat or cooled with cream cheese on crackers)
Champagne Jelly (I'm not a drinker, asked help from the liquor store, a nice gift for Honeymoon Breakfast basket...or anniversary)
Watermelon Jam (fun with diff color melon to each diff batch)
Tomato Chili (peppers) jam (good on sandwiches)
Christmas Jam (fun to give gifts with fresh bread: cranberries, orange, strawberries spices) Also
Jingle Jam (cranberries & Jalapeno)
And Cranana (cranberry & Banana: family favorite)
Cranberry Orange

I'm also raising sea buckthorn berries, 3 color current, 2 color gooseberry, saskatoon blueberry, blackberry, cherries, 2 color grapes, apples, pears, apricots, raspberries. We'll be planting lingonberries (great jam, a side dip to meat balls).

I've never tried Prickly Pear jelly, would like to. And Cactis jelly.
If anyone's tried these, and has 'harvest' you could ship to me, I'd pay shipping.
Never tried dandelion jelly or corn cob jelly, has anyone? Good?

We were in OR, at Ikea, and ordered swedish meatballs, they made them authentic (like going to Mexico instead of Taco Johns), and they have a side of lingonberry jam & dip their meat balls into this

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  1. All those flavors sound great.