Monday, March 5, 2012

Homemade Cake Mixes

Okay, I've been terrible trying to keep up with blogging and with my Etsy store, but I promise I am going to do better...maybe...

Crystal, over at Everyday Food Storage, is one of my heroes.  This is one dedicated lady who really loves food storage.  She has a new pdf file on making desserts from food storage, specifically cake mixes.  Who says a food storage diet has to be all dehydrated celery and nothing more.  Desserts are one of the items that will help us to get by and not suffer from appetite fatigue (AF).  If you don't vary your food storage, AF can be a very dangerous problem especially for young kids and older people.

Why not try using your food storage to whip up a great dessert and improve every one's mood-TODAY!
Download Crystal's pdf here:

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