Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 39

I was on a couple of websites and found these posts today. This is why we prepare:
I just got a facebook message from a friend of my daughter's. He lives in Atlanta, and apparently they are supposed to get a big snowstorm, with 3-5" of snow (not a lot for us in Utah, but it is Atlanta, after all), 24 hours from now. He posted pictures of the store shelves--they were completely empty! Good reason to be well-stocked. You never know what will come along to panic people into clearing the shelves at the stores.

I live in the Atlanta area. The shelves are emptying out. Most here only keep 2- 3 days of food in the pantry. The thought is with a grocery store only 5 minutes away, or you pass several on the way home from work, why buy so much at one time.

We had to pick up some hinges for cabinet doors we are building in the garage and noticed in the big box store that even flashlights and batteries were in low supply. I couldn't help wonder why people didn't already have a supply of these. I know,,, second guessing people's choices doesn't work.

If this storm does come through as they seem to be predicting, Atlanta area will be shut down. Not enough equipment for clearing roads and the biggest majority of people just do not know how to drive in this kind of weather. A blessing and a curse of living in the south :)

and from this article...
Below are items that are currently in short supply on store shelves throughout Atlanta:
Beer and wine
Batteries – especially C and D size
Rock salt
Kitty litter

Here's a video that shows what any emergency can cause:

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