Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frost Damage

 I received the following from a newsletter I receive from my local Sprouts and Henry's markets. If you were wondering whether to plant a garden this year or not, maybe this will help you decide.

Just how much damage did the freezing temperatures in early February cause? Well, a report from the growers we use at this time of year was pretty, um, chilling:

Tomatoes: The open-field beefsteaks, vine-ripes and romas were a complete loss. (About 60% of the beefsteaks and vine-ripes are grown in open fields, and about 85% of the romas.) Grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes were also a total loss. Only vine-on tomatoes seem to have fared well and remain in strong supply.

Beans: Nearly 95% of the crops were lost.

Vegetables: Among the hardest-hit were green bell peppers (70-80% lost), cucumbers (80-90% lost in shade houses, 100% in open fields), eggplant (a major loss, and it is too late to replant for this season) and squash (85-90% lost). Alone among the vegetables, colored bell peppers seem to have done pretty well, although there will still probably be a little spottiness in their availability.

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