Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 48

With what is happening in Japan, have we learned anything?  If your saying to yourself, "What good is food storage for those people whose houses were swept away?"  Unfortunately, it probably won't do much good for them.  But what about all the people that are left. People are standing in lines to get food and water.  How much easier would it be to go to your pantry and get what you need.  I imagine lots of relatives will have to say with other family members.  If this happened to you, would you be able to take care of your immediate family plus relatives?

Suppose you have nothing. Where do you start?  How about extra canned food that your family normally eats?  If you were going to buy three cans of peas because they were on sale, buy four instead.  Or, what about cases of water bottles that go on sale? Start shopping the grocery ads, look for coupons, let your friends know what you are trying to do. If they find a great deal, they can let you know.  I may not matter exactly what you are getting at first, because you need it to become a habit.  Involve your kids in checking ads and clipping coupons. The point is you will be doing something.

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