Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Canning

Okay, there is no nice way to say it, I am sick of cucumbers and pickles.  My DH planted an entire twelve foot long row of cucumbers.  A pair of empty-nesters can only each so many.  So I canned, and canned and canned some more, pickles that is.
...in the basement
I was getting this many cukes every 2 or 3 days!  I even had to order a case of dill pickle solution, because my local stores ran out. (see previous post)  We don't even eat that many pickles.  DH has been taking them to work, and thankfully they love them.  I did take the large cukes and cut them to make stackers. You know, those ridiculously overpriced, sandwich-ready pickles. Our shelves runneth over with the bounty of the garden. 

I am also saving onion seeds.  You have to plant onions, let them die back, and then the second year they produce seeds. Imagine what fun it is to separate the pinhead size seeds from the "chaff".  It sucks. This growing your own food thing is hard work. ;)

In the guestroom closet, in case our guests get a midnight craving.
Last week, I bought a box of peaches (24 lbs) for .88 a pound.  I was up to my elbows in peaches, also.  I canned them with a medium syrup.  They are great for topping your cottage cheese or ice-cream, or for making cobblers, pies, etc.  The great thing about canning your own is you know what has gone in the can.

I peel them and drop them into a lime or lemon juice and water solution.  When I have enough for a canning load, I rinse them in plain water and stuff the bottles.  Then repeat the process.  You can also peel and puree the fruit that is too soft.  I add water and make my own peach syrup. Again great on ice cream or pancakes and waffles.  The fruit syrups can also be used to flavor lemonades, smoothies or milk shakes.

Keep a few bottles in an pantry you use often, so you won't forget they're there.

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  1. That is so cool!!! You are so cool!!! Do you use and give that all away in a year? Did Chris increase his garden size?