Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Eye Opener

I have been attending an Institute class for several weeks now.  For those of you that are not LDS, an Institute is where 18-30 year-olds can go for religion classes, luncheons and activities such as playing pool or just kicking back in a safe place. They are usually located in close proximity to colleges, like across the street.  Most Institutes don't teach 'adults' over 30.  Thankfully the HB Institute does and I have been in that class.  Jack Briggs is the teacher, and he is marvelous. Yesterday we spent an hour and a half going over a few scriptures in the old testament and comparing them to the Savior.  I was enthralled.  We broke into groups and looked for the similarities between the life of Joseph and Christ.  From the class handout:

Joseph A Type of Christ
"Moses like Isaac, Joesph and so many others in the Old Testament was himself a prophetic symbol of the Christ who was to come." Jeffrey R. Holland...Christ and the New Covenant; p.137

-Read and Identify...Types/Parallels/Similarities to Christ

Easier to do:
Gen. 37:26-27
Gen. 37:28/Matt. 27:3
Gen. 37:2-3
Gen 39:2 & 21
Gen. 41:42-43
Gen. 43:24

Intermediate to do:
Gen. 37:12-14
Gen. 37:23,Matt. 27:28
Gen. 37:31
Gen. 39:14-18
Gen. 41:46
Gen. 41:57,Matt. 14:20-21

Difficult to do:
Gen. 40:12-19
Gen. 44:1-3,12-13
Gen. 37:26-27, Gen. 44:14,18-33
Gen. 45:25-28, Gen. 46:28-30

What do you learn from that verse/similarity that is vital or important to you?
How could you apply this to your life today?

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