Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Admit it, I Cheated...

Yes, it's true.  I'll admit it.  I have cheated the home canning community.  It all started as a harmless trip to Costco to buy paper towels and gas.  This was going to be a quick trip in and out of the store.  But nooo, they pull you in deeper to the store with all the free samples.  How can you turn down free food in this economy, right?  I was doing so well, until I saw a #10 can of pears for under $5.  I thought why not just re can the #10 into more manageable size jars?  My DH is eats pears with his cottage cheese.  I don't do cottage cheese. (It's very much a texture thing and come to think of it, I don't like the taste either.) Before I knew it, the can had jumped from the shelf into my basket.  I hate those jumping cans.

So you see the result, above.  I am a canning cheater.  I heated the pears up, and canned them in a BWB for 10 minutes.  All that just to save hours of peeling, sticky messes and money.  I'm ashamed. (But not too much!)

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