Friday, September 3, 2010

Raspberry Jalapeño Jelly

My daughter works at a Whole Foods Store.  She was mentioning how some vendors were in with products they'd like to feature for the holidays.  One of those items was a raspberry jalapeño jelly. She said it was excellent and ended up taking the entire bottle home. Hmmmmmm...I've made jalapeño jelly...

and I just happen to have peppers and raspberries that I froze.  Hmmmm...
The concoction in the blender is cider vinegar, jalapenos and a red bell pepper. I followed my regular jalapeño jelly recipe then added about a cup of frozen raspberries during the 15-20 minutes of cooking.  The raspberries dissolved into a beautiful red color you see above.
I did add a bit more pectin just to make sure I would get a nice set.

The taste was very good. A nice bold raspberry flavor and then about 10 seconds later the heat hits you. Surprise.  It's great with cream cheese and Wheat Thins.  Want to play a trick on someone?
Spread this on toast and watch their face as the realization hits that it's spicy.  I'm mean, aren't I?

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