Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 60

Okay, here's a tip for you I bet you didn't know.  You can use your blender base on a regular mouth sized mason jar.  This is great for me because, with my arthritis, I often drop things, if I don't get a strong grip. This very thing happened to me when I was picking up my blender jar. Not only did the jar break, but I  also broke my 8-cup pyrex measuring cup! Dang, I hate when I do that!!!!  But, for some reason I keep the blender screw on base. The blender also has food processing attachments, so that's why I didn't get rid of the entire machine. Any whoo, I can now use the blender again by using a canning jar. I have been craving a berry smoothie...

Oh and something else, am I the last person to find out about Pinterest? It's a great site to store the pix of all those fabulous ideas, thoughts, trends and whatever else you like.  I am loving the fact that I don't have to store tons of things in my bookmarks never to be found a second time.  All I have to do is look at my board and click on the photo.  For example, I love doing miscellaneous things with old maps, so I made a board I entitled 'maps' (how original) and can dump the inspiration photo or link to a tutorial directly into that board.  Then when I want map inspiration I can go to the board and bring up whichever photo I want to.
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