Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy Day

Yesterday, I was removing pomegranate seeds and juicing them.  Kudos to my friend Robin for telling me she removed the seeds under water.  Much cleaner, although juice still made it out into a few random spots.  DH brought home a bag of poms from someone at work.  Actually he had asked if anyone had any, and he would take them off their hands.  That's where I have to take the kudos back from Robin.  You see, she gave me a jar of her pomegranate jelly and DH loved it.  "Couldn't you make some jelly like that"?, says he. So yesterday I did a sink full of poms and juiced them.  Then he brings me home another bag when he gets home from work.  "Thanks, dear".  Oh course, he doesn't realize what a time consuming and messy proposition dealing with this fruit is. So today, I had to go to a refresher course for working at the polls on 11/2.  Then I had visits with the RS presidency, then home to process this other bag of poms, and later another meeting I have to go to. I'll post the jelly recipe later.

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