Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lemon Curd

Does everyone know what lemon curd is?  It is a mixture of lemon, sugar and cooked eggs that is fabulous when made correctly.  It really isn't a difficult process, although about half way through the cooking you'll think it's ruined.    The consistency is a creamy, custardardy (it's a word in my world) glob of goodness that can be used on toast or in a dessert.

If you thought you couldn't BWB dairy and eggs you're correct, except for this lemon curd. The University of Georgia has come up with a very specific recipe to make lemon or lime curd. The recipe should be followed to exacting standards when dealing with eggs.  The canned curd has a short shelf life of 3-4 months, but Christmas is coming up.  This would make a great gift to the neighbors with a loaf of fresh bread.

Speaking of Christmas, is everyone done shopping? In my world it is, unfortunately that doesn't translate into the real physical world...


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  2. Hi there, Petra
    I found your blog through - did you know that links to some of your recipes are posted there?
    I LOVE lemon curd, but I make mine in the microwave - way easier and faster than the recipe you have posted here. Mine keeps up to three months in the frig - if you don't eat it all before that! If you'd like my recipe you can email me at
    Nice blog. I'll be back.