Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lemonade part dos

My friend has a lemon tree with more fruit than she can use. I live in So. Cal., so the trees are LOADED with citrus. Strawberries are fairly inexpensive at the moment.  I've been buying them on sale.    I purchase my sugar in 25-50 lb bags, so that is a lot less expensive.  Probably the most expensive part of this lemonade is going to be the 1/2 pint or pint jars I'm going to use to can the concentrate.  I figure it is about .25-30 cents per glass.  I'm not a math genius, but that could even be on the high side.  Last time I had strawberry lemonade in a restaurant it was $3.50 a glass.  What a deal!

Thanks to those of you, (all 8) that are following my blog.  I appreciate the feedback!  I never quite know what I am going to write about day to day. I think I am going to try one recipe and then I get sidetracked on to a different one. Keep following me and let's see where this leads us...

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