Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't had much time to dedicate to canning this week.  I did got to a new market that opened up close to us.  They were featuring strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for .77 a clam shell.  You were able to buy four of each at a time.  I bought the 12 berries, took them out to the car and returned to finish my shopping and buy another 12.  I washed and froze the berries individually on a cookie sheet and then popped them in Ziploc freezer bags.  That allows me to take out just what I need at one time.

We are also getting ready for a garage sale that we are having on Saturday.  It's really a chance to have my DH clean out some of the 'treasures' he likes to keep.  Me, I can toss pretty much anything, anytime.  Except maybe for journals and photos, the rest is just stuff.

We did try some of the dill pickles I made the other day.  The ones I made with Mrs. Wages dill pickle mix were actually rather good.  I put them in the fridge before opening and they were crisp with a good dill flavor.  I ended up canning more cukes with the leftover brine.

I am getting ready to go to Disneyland with a girlfriend.  Her pass is expiring and she wanted to go one more time before it's done. All work and no play...

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