Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pomona Pectin

Anybody heard of Pomona Pectin?  It's produced in Denmark and is available at this site:  It is a natural citrus pectin that allows you to make jams, jellys, etc. with little to no sugar.  It includes a package of calcium that you mix with water to activate it.  It is rather pricey, but with a long shelf life and savings in sugar, it might equal out with regular pectin.  You can also double and triple your batches because it is not dependent on the sugar ratio to reach the jell stage.  Fruit juice or other natural or artificial sweetners can be used, including stevia and agave and the myriad of others available.  I don't see anyone who markets it locally.  Some Whole Foods may carry it, but that is spotty.  I'm going to order some and will let you know the results.


  1. This pectin is fantastic! If you like more fruit in your jam, this is the one! The directions are straight forward and I made a strawberry jam with half the sugar which set up nicely. I want to try some fruit gummies next!

  2. I use it for make my home-made marmalade and it's really wonderful!
    And i put only 100 g of fructose for 1300g fresh fruits -it's enough sweet and it make me really hard marmalade that is possible to cut it in any shapes.
    Anybody know- Is it possible to purchase this pectin in Europe (there is a very expensive delivery from Canada)?