Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning to Can

Canning seems to be a lost art to most of us in the baby boomer generation.  Why can things yourself when it's so convenient to buy it already canned.  But when I learned to can with the help of DH, I discovered how canned food can actually still have flavor.  I can also control what goes into it whether it be a light syrup or water. I talked with my great friend Debra last night and she said she wanted to learn to can.  She came over this morning and we made canned pineapple ($1 pineapples) and peach-pineapple jam.  I also used the jam to experiment with the Pomona Pectin.  It was gelling nicely on the canning funnel when cooled, so I have high hopes. 
Thanks Deb, for letting me teach you.  It was fun and I got some jam too!

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