Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday a neighbor dropped off a bag of peaches on our doorstep.  My DH is always bringing vegetables to the neighbors and families he visits.  The truth is he's a smoozer. He'll talk to anyone about anything and get little perks.  Me on the other hand, I'm an introvert at heart and would be happy reading a book somewhere deserted. Anyway, I decided I had to do something with them today, or they will be too soft to do anything with except eat fresh or make jam.  I think I am going to try Spiced Pickled Peaches.  I don't know if I will even like them or not.  I've never eaten them before.  I figure if they're good I give some away. Or if they're really bad I'll give them away, so Lori P., if your home teacher brings you the peaches, know they were either really good, or really yucky I'll let you decide which it is...to be continued...

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