Friday, August 13, 2010

If the Homemade Corn Syrup Wasn't Enough...

Try this recipe:

12 dried red corncobs*
3 pt. water (6 cups)
1 pkg. powdered pectin
3 C. granulated sugar
2 T. lemon juice

Rinse cobs well. Break in half. Boil gently 30minutes and strain the juice through a wet cloth. Measure to get 3 cups. If necessary, add water. Add the pectin and bring to a full rolling boil. Add sugar and heat to dissolve. Bring to a boil again, boil for at least a full minute or until it starts to jell - another minute or so. Skim; pour into sterile glass jars leaving 1/4" head space and seal. Process for 10 minutes in BWB.

* Red corncobs come from what is termed "field corn" that is raised to feed animals. However, you can use
corncobs from the sweet corn you have just had for dinner!

I got this recipe from the Canning2 group on yahoo groups and here are the notes from it's author.
I finally did the corn cob jelly today..even though it is still a bit humid. I made the recipe below and added 2 Tablespoons diced candied ginger and used pomona pectin and regular sweet corn cobs. It made exactly 5 half fact I had to scrape the pan the get the last pint filled. I didnt get any extra to taste so I licked the pan...well, not literally... ok sorta :)so I only got a small taste and it was good. The jars all sealed and the ginger is distributed through out the jelly and looks really cool. I think next time I would add orange or lime zest also. I will never throw out a corn cob again...

Is this going too far or is it just me that thinks this recipe sounds a bit bizarre?  If been in Utah too long.  I am blogging about corn cobs. A friend called yesterday and asked if she could help with the ransom because I'm being held here against my will.  I will once again be back on Cali soil on Monday. BTW, if you want to help with the ransom, I'll send you my paypal info.   ;)

I just found out that corn jelly is something they eat in the Orient.  Yikes.

Here is something you can use with the real corn syrup recipe.

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