Sunday, August 1, 2010

Using Up What I Got...

I'm leaving again tomorrow, so I don't really buy any food before I leave.  I opened some vegetable chicken stock that I had canned and added noodles to it.  I let the noodles cook in the soup, added a pinch of salt and it was great.  I also polished off the last of a 1/2 pint of kiwi strawberry jam.  I toasted some Orowheat Sandwich Thins and they were great.  I really like the Thins because it is not too much bread in a sandwich or for a burger.  I will also toast one up and make a PB&J out of it.  They have about 100 calories and are tasty.

Anyway, I threw the bananas in the freezer.  Made some apple sauce and canned it tonight. Tomorrow I need to make something with grapefruit, oranges and limes, before I leave.  Maybe some marmalade.  I hate to waste what I have, especially since I am canning just about everything in sight.  I have a list of things to take care of tomorrow before my flight.

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