Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks, Whitney

Here's a shout out to my friend Whitney for taking pity upon me and my bread making plight.  For those that don't know or remember, I made one loaf that was edible and that was it.  Whitney invited me over for a lesson in making a decent loaf of bread (and being able to repeat the process).  The recipe we used is actually from Crystal Godfrey's site. Crystal has a terrific site with all kinds of food storage recipes and how to videos.  We baked one loaf and I brought the second loaf home to raise overnight in the fridge.  They both
turned out wonderfully.  Let's see if I can repeat the results on my own.  I also wanted to mention that my DH dragged out some sugar that had been sitting in our garage and asked me to use it.  What's the big deal you say?  It was packed in a bucket in 1975.  I will admit I was skeptical about using it. I mean it's older than my kid!  It was in a sealed bag in a plastic bucket that had also been sealed with some sort of tape.  I had imagined it would be rock hard, but it wasn't terribly solid. I tasted it and funny, it tasted just like sugar.  Imagine that.  I did use it today in some of the pomegranate jelly I'm making for DH's work.  Will I never see the end of the poms?  I didn't tell you did I about all the pints I made yesterday that did not set up?  Yep, 4 dozen pints are going to have to be redone as it is pom syrup not jelly.  The ones I did today, I added extra pectin to, so hopefully they will set up firmly.  I'm trying to get all this done before we leave on our trip next week.  I feel like I have no time left...

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