Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday was a loooong day.  We were at the polling place at 5:40 am.  We met with all the other poll workers and finished the set up process that DH and I did the night before. We had everything ready to open the polls @ 7 am.  It was a busy day and since I served as the inspector, I was in charge of the provisional ballots.  Normally you would have to cast 3 or so, but for some reason a lot of voters did not receive their vote-by-mail ballots.  I had to process over 30 voters with provisional ballots.  It kept me busy.  Since I was the last word on helping voters I  was on my feet most of the day.  We closed the polls at 8 pm and finished the repacking and tallying about 9 ish.  From there it was off to drop the ballots and materials back to the drop off location at our local police station.  We finally made it home about 9:45 last night. Maybe that is why I am dragging today!  That and the fact that Cali is full of idiots that voted for Moonbeam Jerry, again.  It wasn't bad enough the first time... Maybe if we vote to have Orange County secede from the rest of the state....

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  1. Get a good rest today. Thank you for serving OC!!!! I still saw SoCal needs to break away from those northern idiots. We will let those up there with common sense migrate to SoCal. We just have to pray stronger now.