Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I finished reading this book while on our recent vacation.  It made me think I don't have enough toilet paper and bullets.  Mind you. DH and I have been preparing for years because we have been asked to and because it makes sense.  In this story, the premise is about an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) bomb that is detonated over the U.S.  It wipes out any electronics from a can opener to cars to ATM's.  If it happened a hour from now, how would you and your family fare?  Would you be able to cook? Heat your home? Do you have cash on hand?  Could you shot someone breaking into your home because they know you have food and they want all you have?

I feel we are better prepared than probably 95% of people around us.  We have food and water stored. Most of our house runs on solar panels.  We have a garden and fruit trees. We've taken CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) classes and have an understanding of what we face when 'the big one' hits So Cal.  Those classes were taught by a fire captain who told us we would be on our own for at least a week.  The fire trucks will be out making sure neighborhoods aren't burning, but they will NOT be stopping to help citizens.  The same with police and any other emergency responders.  It will be up to our families to take care of ourselves.

In an earlier post, I showed some items in my emergency car kit.  One thing to have in your cars ladies, are a pair a broken-in shoes and socks.  If you have to hoof it home from work, church, etc. your Jimmy Choo's ain't going to make it.

This book is worth the read.  Even though it is a fictionalized account, the technology is real and viable.

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