Saturday, February 19, 2011

13-year-old Bisquick

Remember all the talk about Y2K?  That was when DH and I got serious about food storage.  We didn't know what might happen, so we played it safe and got more insurance.  By insurance I mean stocking up on food and essentials for however long.  That insurance is the reason I started this blog.  I have got to do something with it.  So, what to do on rainy Saturday?  Check out some 13-year-old Bisquick and 6-grain mix.  We canned these ourselves.  We were told that we couldn't can the Bisquick because of the leavening, but we used a gallon sized Ziploc and included an O2 packet.

DH used a hand can opener and went to work on both cans.  Since I have used the 6-grain mix in making granola, I knew there would be no problem with it.  I imagine it may have lost some nutritional value, but not enough to the point I would not eat it.  The flavor is good and mixed in with all the other granola ingredients, I don't notice any problems.

The Bisquick had a definite color difference.  It had turned darker and was harder than normal.  The smell didn't put us off, so on to a pancake. 
As you can see, the pancakes are actually rising.  This was where DH thought we would see the most problems.  He was sure the time had affected the leavening ingredients in the Bisquick.
The verdict? If we had to eat it we could. The texture was a bit off, kind of soggy, but that just could have been from cooking it too fast. As I was thinking about it, I believe it could still be rotated and used without much difference.  I mean after all, is anyone concerned about Bisquick losing nutrition?  My solution would be to take the old mix and pulverise it in a blender. Then mix half the old with new Bisquick.  I don't think you would really notice any difference in it.  That way we would not be wasteful and would not be sacrificing taste and texture.  That's experiment part 2, for a later day.

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