Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potato Flake Ice Cream?

Here is an interesting tidbit I found while rooting around the Internet.

One of the most unique methods for preventing rapid melting of home made ice cream is to use instant potato flakes. Before you begin churning the homemade ice cream, either by hand or using an old fashioned hand crank ice cream freezer, dump one to one and one half cups of instant potato flakes into the base of the cream mixture. This helps the ice cream to form a creamier, semi-solid mixture during the churning process, and helps to keep the ice cream from melting too fast during the summer heat. Don't worry about the potato flakes adversely affecting the flavor of your ice cream. The potatoes will only give the ice cream a more solid form. Many ice cream shops use a potato flakes in their ice cream machines to give the ice cream a solid formation.

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