Thursday, February 3, 2011

Timely Experiences

For those that are going through the storms back East, you're not the only ones. I pulled the following message off a canning forum I belong to.

I totally agree. I live in England and we are not use to bad weather but we all knew bad weather was coming and most people left it till it hit and were struggling and fighting over bread and milk in the stores. I took the children wrapped up well and headed down the street to show them how bad the weather was and how cold it was as they havent experience snow like we had before. we have only ever had a dusting. We had to walk on the roads as it was solid ice no cars were out, we were like this for two whole weeks. We lived off our home storage for two weeks and work was cancelled. Now we are re building our storage so to be rewady for the next storm, who know when it will come. But i know there will be another worse than the last. Water is my priority ready for the warm weather that we may or maynot get in the summer time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all who are going through the storm in the USA. And to all who are going through the storm in Australia. Be safe and hope to hear how you all got through it.

and from Missouri:
Same here! The only thing we purchased as the storm headed our way was one more gas can and filled it up. We had been wanting to do that anyways. We too stay stocked up. They said the stores were a mad house.Several years ago a freak storm came through here. The power was out for over a week. Those who were not prepared had to drive over 20 miles one way to eat. While they were gone looters came.
Icy in Missouri

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