Friday, March 26, 2010

Chicken Soup, part 2

A couple of tips for next time.  It is probably much easier to take the meat off the bone, than cook it off.  It seems the chicken literally falls apart when you cook it to get the meat off.  Who knew?  I do now.  It took a while to pick out the bones, skin, and cartilage.  I did end up with 7 pints of soup. 

I added a carrot and celery puree to the chicken as it cooked.  I added bouillion cubes and a package of onion soup mix to give it some flavor.

When I filled the bottles, I added large chunks of carrots, celery and a little bit of parsnip.  I've never eaten parsnip before and just threw it in.

The stock was actually quite tasty and had a lot of chicken in it.  That is 7 meals I wouldn't of had before.  Like I said I usually end up throwing the carcass away after picking at it.

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