Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wk. 2 con't

Okay, I was lazy and didn't go to Trader Joes. My daughter, Courtney, was doing a huge favor for someone at church, and was making a small wedding cake for TONIGHTS ceremony. I had to stay close to home so I could sneak buttercream frosting from the bowl. Hello. My name is Kim and I am a chocoholic, junk foodaholic and carboholic. I'm waaaay beyond 13 steps at this point in my life.

What I did do last night was open some potato pearls we had canned in 1998. You know in anticipation of Y2K? The label says they should be used within 3 years. It's true. Yikes, they were a dark gold color and tasted, well less than appealing. I told my DH that we probably have 2 cases we need to dump. The worms in the compost bin will be in heaven.

My hubby was opposed to it, but I mentioned if there really was an emergency, would you want to eat something we wouldn't eat now? Courtney asked about that. In our culture, food is such a comfort item to many people. We have good feelings when we eat mom's apple pie, or we were rewarded with candy for doing something good. I want to at least eat something that is palatable.

I served a church mission in Guatemala for 16 months. Whenever I was having a bad day, or week, I'd reach for my comfort food. I managed to find white bread, bottled jelly and a jar of peanut butter. A PB&J. Good times.

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