Friday, April 9, 2010

My 'Aha' Moment in Bread Baking

Once again I have been in search of a loaf of WW bread that my husband would eat. In other words, a brown wonderbread. I mentioned in another post about my first loaves of WW bread.  They turned out great.  I have had problems recreating that elusive loaf, since that time.  The reason those first loaves were so light and fluffy was because I accidently used about double the amount of yeast called for.  The recipe called for 4.5 teaspoons, but I used 4.5 TABLESPOONS!  No wonder the bread was so light a fluffy.  I thought I would try it with the white wheat I had just gotten from the cannery.  Yesterday, 2 ten pound bricks were produced in the kitchen.  I was determined to make a decent loaf of bread again.  Today I thought, 'what the heck', so I doubled the yeast.  My DH said he would actually eat the bread in a sandwich if I made it.  YES!
I can tell I need the 50 lb. sack of wheat and probably about the same amount of yeast.  That's a lot of yeast for 2 loaves of bread. ( And no, that's a stock photo and not mine.)

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