Sunday, April 18, 2010

Notes on the Week's End

I was again purging the basement of questionable food stuffs.  Take for example, four cans of beef chunks purchased from the LA LDS cannery after a canning session.  It had been at least 10 years that the cans were down there.  We actually bought five cans and opened one when we got it home.  We all had pretty much the same reaction; Alpo.  Only I think Alpo probably tastes better.  Our cats wouldn't even eat this stuff.  Anyway, I pulled the four, bulging cans from the shelves.  Why keep them if we aren't going to eat them?

I also received a large amount of Tupperware that I ordered.  I was busy consolidating items in my kitchen and rearranging cabinets.  I never realized I had three bottles of celery salt.  Do we each that much of it?  I emptied all three into one Tupperware spice container.  I ended up doing that with three or four different spices.  Now maybe I will be able to see what is in the spice cabinet.

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